Rural Development Office at Life Center to Discuss Housing Loans

May 15, 2022 - 836 views

Home Repair Loans and Grants

The USDA Rural Development’s single-family housing home repair loans and grants program provides 1% loans and $10,000 grants to make home repairs or remove health and safety hazards in rural homes for those who qualify based on income. Includes installation and/or repair of sanitary water and wastewater disposal systems as part of a permanent residence.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Own a single-family dwelling located in a rural area that is in need of repair
  • Meet the income limits based on family size for the area
  • Personally occupy the dwelling
  • Unable to obtain sufficient credit from another source
  • Have adequate repayment ability
  • Meet citizenship or eligible non-citizen requirements
  • Have acceptable credit history
  • Possess legal capacity to incur the loan

Maximum loan amount is $40,000 with a 20-year term for repayment. Top grant amount is $10,000. Eligible applicants for grants must be 62 years of age and unable to repay a 20-year loan at 1% to qualify.

Home Purchase Program

The USDA Rural Development Office provides homeowner opportunities to low-income rural families and individuals through financing with no down payment and at favorable rates and terms. Maximum loan amount for Churchill County is $336,500 with term of 33 years.

Those who are interested in exploring either one of these programs may call the Rural Development Office in Carson City at (775)887-1222 


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